'Los Llorones'

These paintings refer to the song 'La Llorona' based on the myth of 'La Llorona', 'The Weeping Woman'.

'La Llorona' is a legendary ghost prominent in folklore of Spanish America and is present throughout Mexican culture.


The story tells of a beautiful woman by the name of Maria who drowns her children in a river as a means of revenge,

because her husband left her for a younger woman. When she realizes what she has done, she drowns herself in the river. 


After she is challenged at the gates of heaven over the whereabouts of her children, she is not permitted to enter the afterlife

until she has found them. Maria is forced to wander the Earth for all eternity, searching in vain for her drowned offspring.

She constantly weeps, hence her name "La Llorona" and she is caught between the living world and the spirit world.

La Llorona is said to kidnap wandering children at night who resemble her missing children. She asks them for forgiveness,

then drowns the children to take the place of her own. She is said to cry, ¡Ay mis hijos! or Oh my children!


One of the most beautiful interpretations of the song ‚La Llorona’, based on the myth, is sung by Doña Chavela Vargas.

They call me 'El Negro', Llorona,

Black, but loving.
I’m like green chili, Llorona,
Spicy, but delicious.


Cry for me, Llorona, Llorona.
Llorona, take me to the river.
Cover me with your shawl, Llorona,
Cause I’m dying cold.


To an all-enduring Jesus Christ, Llorona,
My troubles I told.
Such were my troubles, Llorona,
That even Jesus Christ cried.


I dreamt of you sleeping, Llorona.
Asleep you were quiet,
But as oblivion approached, Llorona,
I dreamt you were awake.


If you want, because I love you, Llorona,
want me to love you more,
I’ve already given you my life, Llorona,
What else you want? Do you want more?

Todos me dicen 'El Negro', Llorona,

Negro, pero cariñoso.
Yo soy como el chile verde, Llorona,
Picante, pero sabroso.


Ay de mí, Llorona, Llorona.
Llorona, llévame al río.
Tápame con tu rebozo, Llorona,
Porque me muero de frió.


A un Santo Cristo de fierro, Llorona,

Mis penas le conté yo.
Cuales no serían mis penas, Llorona,
Que el Santo Cristo lloró.


Yo te soñaba dormida, Llorona.
Dormida te estabas quieta,
Pero en llegando el olvido, Llorona,
Soñé que estabas despierta.


Si porque te quiero quieres, Llorona,
Quieres que te quiera más,
Si ya te he dado la vida, Llorona,
¿Qué mas quieres? ¿Quieres más?

'Eugenio' · 'El chile verde'

Acrylic paint on canvas 

30 x 40 cm                                                                                                                    

'Iván' · 'El rebozo'

Acrylic paint on canvas 

30 x 40 cm                                                                                                              

'Eduardo' · 'El rio'

Acrylic paint on canvas 

30 x 40 cm                                                                                                 

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