Of love, dreams and desire

Dreams, love and desires are the ethereal threads that weave the tapestry of our lives, and their significance cannot be overstated.

They are the driving forces that propel us forward, shaping our journeys and defining our destinies. To understand their importance is to understand the essence of our human experience.


Dreams are the fuel of ambition, the sparks that ignite the fires of achievement. They provide us with a vision of what is possible and

inspire us to reach beyond our current circumstances. Without dreams, life can become a monotonous drift, lacking purpose and direction.

It is through our dreams that we set goals, overcome obstacles and create a legacy that can endure for generations.


Love is the heartbeat of our existence, a profound force that connects us with others in the most profound ways. It is the source of compassion, empathy and the profound sense of belonging. Love enriches our lives with meaning, filling our hearts with joy and our souls with warmth.

It is a force that transcends time and space, binding us to those we care about and reminding us of the beauty of human connection.


Desires are the whispers of our deepest selves, urging us to seek fulfillment and happiness. They are the cravings that drive us to explore, to learn,

to grow. Our desires are the compass that guides us toward our passions and the fulfillment of our potential. Without desires, life can become stagnant, devoid of the zest and excitement that come from pursuing our truest ambitions.


In our journey through life, it is essential to never let go of these precious elements. Dreams give us purpose, love gives us strength and

desires give us a direction. Embrace your dreams with unwavering determination, nurture love with care and devotion and follow your desires

with passion and courage.


When we hold onto our dreams, we not only enrich our own lives but also contribute to the collective human experience. Our dreams inspire others, our love connects us to the world and our desires push the boundaries of what is possible. In the end, it is these elements that make life meaningful andit is our responsibility to cherish and safeguard them, for they are the very essence of our existence.


Adam & ...

In love‘s embrace, Adam found his way,

To paradise where hearts would sway.

He fell for ..., their souls entwined,

In love‘s embrace, forever they‘d bind.

In this union true, they discovered grace,

A paradise of love, in each other's embrace.

Dad's lover

You just want a lover, to fix your broken dreams.

Nothing complicated, nothing sentimental.

You don´t want to love him. He don´t has to love you. 


You want him to satisfy you, take away the pain.

Just lying there together, staring at the bedroom ceiling. 

Don´t speak out any feelings, don´t hold on too tight.

You don´t belong to him. He don´t belong to you. 

''From another world''

I want to get away and go, rise up and fly

Through a hole in the sky chasing stars

Dancing with the clouds in your skies


When you are making rain and you're in reach

Your love lifts me up like helium

So every time it rains you're in my head


I'll wake from the light of you, reflecting off my pillow

My soul in the hands of destiny upon windswept ways ascending

Give me love, love is what I need to help me fly.

The love of tired swans

A pair of swans can never live apart

so don't leave me

embrace me and live once more

the love of tired swans

'One world · One love · One human race' · a project

I was very fortunate that I could travel a lot in my life and live in different countries for many years.

This way I was able to get a deep insight into a wide variety of cultures, customs and manners, points of view and traditions.

I was at home in Argentina, México and China, ...and that was exactly the feeling; Be at home. 


This experience of being at home anywhere in the world, being able to make friends, no matter what culture or social background,

learning languages and adapting to the given living conditions, all that has shaped me and I take the opportunities that presented themselves

to me and all my friends that I could make all over the world as a great gift in my life.


On all these trips I have also found a lot of beauty, such beautiful people, both 'from the inside' and in their appearance.

Diversity is wonderful and I am very happy that I can capture some of all this beauty in the world in my paintings.

One world One love One human race

#noracism #stopasianhate #blacklivesmatter #loveislove #westandtogether #oneworld #onehumanrace

People of the world

There is nothing wrong with being 'different'.

We are all the same when we are born. We are all vulnerable, malleable and dependent.


You have a lot of choices and control over many things in life, but you cannot choose where you are born or who your parents will be. This is one thing over which you have absolutely no control. 


You have no say as to whether you will have blue or brown eyes, if you will be short or tall or whether you are born Chinese, Nigerian or German.

You have no say as to whether you are born Jewish, Catholic or Muslim, being born into a rich or a poor family or being born straight, gay or bi.


We have no choice in all this. And this is exactly what makes it so terribly wrong to think less of another for what the other person is. One has no moral obligation to like others, but we do have to recognize their equal worth. This is a choice YOU make.

'The Asian male'

This curated selection of my paintings is dedicated to the Asian man who is still largely 'de-sexualized' in many parts of the Western society.

Even today, the stereotype of the Asian man in the western world is still that of a nerdy, somehow weak, unmanly man and thereby denies

the Asian man beauty and sexiness. 


With my paintings in this collection I want to counteract this attitude and convince the viewer of the opposite.   


The definition of beauty ?

Umberto Eco wrote in his novel 'The Name of the Rose': 'Three things concur in creating beauty:

First of all integrity or perfection, and for this reason

we consider ugly all incomplete things; then proper proportion or consonance; and finally clarity and light, ...the sight of the beautiful implies peace.'

Aristotele defined beauty as: 'A concept of beauty occurs when all parts work together in harmony so that no one part draws unjust attention to itself', meaning also, that beauty does not only exist from what we believe is pleasing to the eyes.

I agree with both of them; Beauty is a creation of the loving eye that sees, creates it.

Look with the eyes of love and the whole world becomes beautiful and seems at peace.'

''The guardians''

In the beliefs of all significant cultures of the world, animals have always been present.

They inhabited the world long before human beings. 

They were the guardians of land and sea and its

flora and fauna. 


Ancient civilizations like Chinese, Mesoamerican

and Egiptian awarded them personalities and

sacred meanings.


Animals were seen equals to human beings, with feelings and character and a relationship between some species

and mankind was established for thousands of years.


We should remember our ancestors beliefs and reconnect with the guardians of this world, our guardians.

''Love me with your Chinese eyes''

To get into those Chinese eyes,

you´ll have to pay the highest price.


Longing for a touch, yet all we want is love,

we need a beating heart, feel all the energy.


Big family, such untold pain,

their eyes are staring on his frozen face.


Your hands are shaking, they locked the doors. 

Say love will stop the pain, will stop the fear.


Holding me closer, breath me in, 

I´ll do what you want if you stay the night.


But I know that you´ll be never mine. 

I want you as reality, but can only have you as a dream.


Poetry in your body, you got it in every way

...and can't you see it's you I am watching,

I'm hot for you in every way

...and turn around let me see you,

wanna free you with my rhythm

I know you can't get enough when I turn up with my rhythm

Your body's poetry, speak to me,

won't you let me be your rhythm tonight ?

Move your body, I wanna be your muse,

use my music and let me be your rhythm tonight


*excerpt from Sia's song 'Move your body'

''The vault of spirits''

Countless spirits left to rest in darkness.

Once a source of hope,

...the archive of forgotten dreams.

Deepest desire of millions of souls, 

praying their hopes find a way back out.

Descend to search the depth of your heart 

and trust the signs, you´ll stay alive.

''Venus is a man''

Venus is the second planet from the Sun,

named after the Roman goddess of love and beauty.


Venus is the second brightest natural object in

the night sky after the moon. 


Venus is the Roman goddess of love, beauty,

desire, sex, prosperity and victory.


As a classical figure, nudity is Venus' natural state,

a degree of erotic beauty is justified.


In times of fluent genders, I found a male Venus who represents all of the above... 


''The other side''

‚Where did you go ?'

‚I went to see Bao.'

‚Why ?’

‚I wanted to talk.’

‚About what ?’

‚About what happened.’

‚What happened ? You don´t even care about Bao.’

‚...but I can´t nearly bear another minute without Bao´s touch.’

''Calling you''

There are so many great, young artists/ talents in Asia 

who unfortunately are still not known and recognized

in 'the western world'. 


I would like to 'show' a few of them I had the pleasure 

to see performing, but there are many more. 


Asian musicians of all kind, singers, actors and performers, there is so much great potential at this side of the globe,

we should pay much more attention to.


''The Chinese windows''

I catch my breath 'cause suddenly you're there. 

I look into your eyes, you've captured me.


I want to be, I have to be inside your arms. 

Let me in through your window, before it gets dark.


Over and over I've dreamed of this moment, 

Now I'll be brave, please don't tear this apart.


Please let me under your covers,

tonight you're gonna be my lover.

''Beauté nouveau''

I have this dream inside me and I´ll let it show.


I might fly, I might fall,

I might let you in my dreams and love you. 


Not afraid to let you know and tell the world.

 I embrace my fears and all I carried around so long. 


So much, so young, grew old so fast.

We can´t spend eternity,

but love and end up happily.


''Those beautiful Chinese eyes''

You can be cool. Soft as a breeze. 

Where you walk by, flowers will bloom.


You can be a hurricane, ripping out hearts. 

Where you walk by, ashes will fly.


You still have the child in your eyes,

want to play, no need to worry.


You have the men in your soul,

aware of all my worries and make me listen to your stories.


Sweet love so pure, you cracked my chains,

the moment is here.


Trapped in your eyes I open up. 

No say if I can trust.

''Me and the other''

If you could read my mind,

you might be repelled or seduced.

Both if you are two, like me.


Aren't we all kind of prisoners in ourselves,

of our own device, but don't we all hear this voice calling from far away, waking us up in the middle of the night putting us face to face with our other me ?


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